Looking for something to do this summer?

Check out our Summer Combat Intensive and Theatrical Firearms Workshop in the Hudson Valley at the Pawling Theatre Exchange!

Single Weapon Study

Join us for 30 plus hours of training in the physical theatre of stage combat. Explore martial techniques, principles of illusion and means of characterization as you expand your toolbox for somatic storytelling. As an added bonus, you'll also be undergoing physical conditioning; improving your endurance, flexibility and kinesthetic awareness.

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Two Weapon Study

Why not double down on training hours and pick up an additional weapon? Train with us two days a week and discover what defining principles of combat crossover between styles. More time training also speeds the process of body comprehension that comes with learning a new physical vocabulary. And you get a discount!

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SAFD Skills Proficiency

Augment your training by testing for Skills Proficiency with the Society of American Fight Directors. Certification is made possible by performing choreography developed especially for you and your scene partner in front of a recognized Fight Master. Have expired certifications? Renewals are also available.

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Our Mission

Neutral Chaos is a movement solutions company with an emphasis in screen and stage combat committed to the development of new and existing talent in the professional entertainment industry.

Our teachers are actors, stunt performers, fight directors and choreographers in today's industry market. We are in the hustle every day alongside you and want to help prepare you for the physical demand of auditioning and performing while providing you with marketable skills at rates that won't break the bank.

We offer a variety of training opportunities to fit most schedules and are always available for private training should you find yourself preparing for a role or squeezing in training between contracts.


Take Charge of Your Training Today

Reserve your spot in our next round of classes. Visit the registration page to sign up. We can't wait to work with you!