MAC: Mentoring Advanced Combatants
In Loving memory and in honor of Robert “Bob” “Mac” MacDougall

5-day intensive training opportunity for advanced study.

Thursday, June 25th - Monday, June 29th, 2020.
8:30am-Noon, 1-6pm, and 8pm-10pm
Indiana University - Bloomington, IN

The daily breakdown and schedule will be as follows:
-Foundation and Technique in the mornings
-Theory and Choreography in the afternoons
-Special Topics, Master Classes, Forum.

Cost is $400 for the weekend. Includes training and breakfast each day.  All weapons and materials will be provided. Personal weapons cleared by faculty are allowed. Please fill out the attached application. Applications are due no later than April 1st, 2020.

Fees payable via PayPal or Venmo. If your application is accepted, you will be provided a link by which to make payment.

Due to the intensive nature of this event, only a small number of applicants will be accepted. All participants will be attending each session to ensure a better teacher:student ratio.

Samantha Kaufman
MAC Co-Coordinator

Samantha Kaufman

Subjects to include:
Review and Strengthening Foundational technique training
Pris de Fer – martial and theatrical application
Choreography – theory and practice
Fight direction
Analysis of Violence in Film and Theatre
Theatrical application of all 8 weapons of the SAFD
Martial applications of all 8 weapons of the SAFD
German Longsword
Martial arts technique and aesthetic
Putting fights together – Logic of the fight
Teacher Certification Preparation for upcoming TCW
Class Generalship
Teaching Pedagogy
Glossary and Terms
Policies and Procedures

Though this is currently an unsanctioned workshop, SPR opportunities will be available at the end of the intensive for those interested.



SAFD FD Leraldo Anzaldua
SAFD CT Patrick Kelly
SAFD FM Brian Byrnes

SAFD CT Andrew “ARay” Ray
SAFD CT Adam Rector

SAFD CT Amie Root
SAFD CT Jason Paul Tate
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