We at Neutral Chaos Combat want to clearly state that we oppose racism and oppression of any kind. We condemn the violence against Black Americans by the police - violence and oppression that has afflicted the lives of countless Black people for centuries.

We acknowledge the systemic racism that exists in our society and the social and economic benefits afforded to white people; and our own privilege of being able to teach what we are passionate about in our studio. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate for the support of you, our students, over the years to make our dream of offering accessible stage combat classes a possibility in NYC and elsewhere across the country.

We have always made an effort to create affordable courses for the arts community in a space that does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. To that end, Neutral Chaos' founders are committed to further educating ourselves in the principles of antiracism and to removing barriers to access in our studio. We will also be participating in continued conversations with BIPOC artists in order to address the implicit bias and lack of representation in our studio and the stage combat community at large.

To those who are suffering and calling for action - we stand with you. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we are invested in making this change happen at an organizational level for our community in this moment and beyond. Be safe, be strong, and act with compassion.

In Addition...

While even our best laid plans will continue to fall short of addressing the needs and inequities of numerous individuals in our studio, we hope to continue to fail forward. Thank you to all who have shared your honest evaluations of your experiences with Neutral Chaos so that we may better serve you as a community and as independent artists. To those of you whom we have caused harm, we are sorry and will make every effort to grow from these mistakes with renewed consciousness.

Please note that recordings of the entire Trapped Inside Masterclass Series are available for viewing. All classes continue to be made available at no cost to artists in the global majority using the coupon code global at checkout.