10 AM-1 PM
DUMBO, Brooklyn
Oct. 6 to Dec. 8


7-10 PM
DUMBO, Brooklyn
Oct. 7 to Dec. 9


Rapier & Dagger

7-10 PM
DUMBO, Brooklyn
Oct. 8 to Dec. 10


7-10 PM
DUMBO, Brooklyn
Oct. 2 to Dec. 11

We're thrilled to announce our fall class lineup, including classes in Knife, Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger, and Broadsword. New to stage combat? Have a weapon you’ve yet to explore? Been away from combat for a bit and want to explore it again under a new lens? Then these are the classes for you. All classes meet at the aforementioned times. If you would like to participate in the SAFD Skills Proficiency Test in any weapon, please also plan to set aside Friday, December 13th and Saturday, December 14th, for a dress rehearsal and the adjudication.

Cost for one weapon is $350*. Each additional weapon is $195.
Renewals are $125. SAFD Test Fees are not included in these costs. They are $50 for a test or $25 for a renewal plus $5 for each additional weapon.

*A minimum deposit of $50 per class is required to reserve your spot. Current union or SAFD members are eligible for a $25 discount. Please email us a screenshot of your current membership status to receive the coupon code.

If you have not taken an SAFD skills test prior to this Semester, we strongly recommend taking Unarmed as an introduction of the base skill set if at all possible.


If you have any questions whatosever, please email


Visiting Artists

Check our Visiting Artists page for more classes coming your way this year!


Neutral Chaos Classes

All our regularly scheduled classes meet once a week for a minimum of ten weeks. At course end, you'll have completed thirty hours of training in a weapon of your choosing, including performing choreography built to highlight your newfound skillset in the context of a scene.

We are also excited to be offering a series of visiting artist master classes once monthly. Connect with us on Facebook to learn more.


Skills Proficiency Testing and Renewals

Upon completion of 30 hours of training, you are eligible to test with the Society of American Fight Directors for proficiency in that weapon. This is a great way to highlight your training on your resumé and to meet other members of the performance community at large as it means testing in front of a Fight Master within the organization.

For those of you familiar with the Skills Proficiency Test process, we also offer renewals throughout the year. If you are in need of a renewal, and it is not currently amongst the weapons being offered in a given session, please send us an email and let us see how soon we can help you out.


Take Charge of your Training Today

Act now to reserve your spot in our next round of classes. We can’t wait to work with you!