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Chaos Combat Intensive

This professional development opportunity will investigate various principles in stage combat and martial arts in an intensive format and includes certification in two weapons disciplines with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD), if desired.

June 11th-22nd, 2024

Daily Schedule

  • 10am - 1pm: Morning Weapons Session (Unarmed or Quarterstaff )*
  • 1pm-2:30pm: Lunch
  • 2:30pm - 5:30pm: Afternoon Weapons Session (Single Sword or Knife)*
  • 5:30pm-7pm: Dinner
  • 7:00 - 9pm: Guest Instruction/Specialty Topics
    • Past offerings have included whip, flow props, intimacy, viewpoints, and fighting for film

*Participants will choose two weapon disciplines to study, one during each session, morning and afternoon for the duration of the workshop. This amounts to 60 total hours of training and equates to eligibility for SAFD Skills Proficiency Testing.

We will take one weekend day off halfway through the workshop to recoup and allow participants to explore nearby hiking trails, arts organizations and local shops.

IPEC Intimacy Intensive

June 22nd-23rd, 2024

Day 1

  • Part 1 - Cover the basics of consent and your body. Participants will learn communication tools for setting clear boundaries and expectations, explore language they can use to make a more consent based and embodied process, and participate in exercises to begin to somatically integrate consent. 

  • Part 2 - Consent and someone else's body. Participants will learn tools to navigate consent with a partner or in a group. We will explore language that is not exclusive to gender or sexual preference, discuss and explore navigating boundaries and expectations through ongoing consent, and participate in exercises intended to let participants learn to use their language in the context of scenes with hyper-exposure. 

​Day 2

  • Choreographing hyper exposed scenes with sexual and intimate content. Participants will learn to apply the language and consent skills they learned on day one to staging sex. This portion of the workshop will ask participants to participate in creating sexual and/or intimate shapes with their bodies in relation to other participants' bodies in the context of an intimate scene. This is all on a voluntary and consensual basis and please note participants are encouraged to participate to their confidence level. Participants will play the role of actor and choreographer in these scenes and experience an introduction to staging sex. In this work, we will set containers of touch before we work, no actual kissing or level of undress will be performed. 

*Please note, upon registering, we ask participants to let us know their professional goals & needs. This allows us tailor the workshop in boutique fashion to ensure it best serves all those who register. For example, if it turns into a 2 day choreo jam, then we listen & provide. We are ecstatic to meet & serve our community. 



Robert Aronowitz
Neutral Chaos Co-Founder
SAFD Certified Instructor, Fight Director & Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor

Jason Paul Tate
Neutral Chaos Co-Founder
SAFD Vice President, Certified Instructor & Fight Director

Jake Guinn
Havoc Movement Co-Founder
SAFD Certified Instructor,
Lakan Black Belt World Modern Arnis

Jessica Erin Bennett
Intimacy Professionals Education Collective Co-Founder,
SAG-AFTRA Stunt & Intimacy Coordinator

Rachel Flesher
Intimacy Professionals Education Collective Co-Founder, SAG-AFTRA Intimacy Coordinator & Stunt Performer

Combat Certification IntensiveIPEC Intimacy IntensiveDual Workshop Combo
Additional Costs
Housing (Single Occupancy)$660$165$770
Housing (Double Occupancy)$400$100$465
Meal Plan$510$105$600
Commuter Meals (Lunch Only)$150$30$180
Combat Certification Intensive
  • Check in June 10th/Out June 21st
  • Two Options for Lodging
    • Single Occupancy ($660)
    • Double Occupancy ($400)
  • Two Options for Meals
    • Comprehensive 3 Meal/Day Plan ($510)
    • Commuter Lunch Only Plan ($150)
  • Includes all test fees for SAFD Skills Proficiency Test
IPEC Intimacy Intensive
  • Check in June 21st/Out June 24th
  • Sliding Scale Pricing (4 Available Slots per Tier)
  • Partial Attendance Pricing Available
  • Two Options for Lodging
    • Single Occupancy ($165)
    • Double Occupancy ($100)
  • Two Options for Meals
    • Comprehensive 3 Meal/Day Plan ($105)
      • includes dinner 6/21
    • Commuter Lunch Only Plan ($30)
  • Combine with Combat Certification Intensive to SAVE $125!

A 25% Non-Refundable Deposit is required to secure your spot.

All remaining balances must be paid by June 1st, 2024. If this is not a reality, please contact us to discuss a payment plan.  

All workshops take place at the Frederick Gunn School in Washington, CT, as part of the Connecticut Theatre Exchange. Due to the intensive nature of this event, only a small number of spaces are available. Registrations may be accepted after June 1, pending availability. No guarantees can be made.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for additional info regarding travel, meals, what to pack, etc.

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