Historical African Martial Arts w/ Da’Mon Stith


This experiential class will introduce you to the foundational principles of training and the traditional weapons of Ancient and Medieval Africa. Through a variety of drills designed to refine your footwork, offensive striking and defensive evasions; you’ll lay the groundwork for training strength, agility and balance. Expand your awareness and knowledge base in body and mind as you begin…or continue your study of the Historical African Martial Arts.
*Note: While not required, your experience may be enhanced if you are able to collect a few training weapons or appropriate facsimile. The following items are recommended.
– Short Staff (4′ t0 5′ in length, broomstick, PVC pipe, stick from outside)
– Sword (approx. 3′ in length, polymer, aluminum or steel training weapon – NOT SHARP, escrima stick)
– Machete (approx. 2′ in length, polymer, aluminum or steel training weapon – NOT SHARP, long handled kitchen spoon)

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