Handgun Competency for Performers w/ Kevin Inouye


This will be a combined literacy/practice class focused on performer-specific information and skills for handguns. Actor ‘business’, safety, tactical considerations, grip, stance, reloads, draws, controls, and more will be covered, as well as a basic ‘kata’ for solo at-home practice. Please have something you can use as a practice gun: Either have an airsoft gun, blank gun, or other training replica, or if you have more time than money right now, A template for making a cardboard version with extra boxes and some glue or tape will be provided, but that will require some advance planning. Come with questions! Anything you’ve wondered about for film or theatrical firearms is fair game.
*Note: For video instructions to create your own cardboard training replica, please visit the following link:
**UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you use an actual firearm for this class.

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