Time: We Have More than We Think w/ Scott Witt


This class is dedicated to exploring time. What is time?  How do we manipulate it to our advantage even at operational tempo? You will need an open space, large enough to be able to move with a sword near a wall.  You’ll be provided with a basic image which you’ll be able to copy and draw on to larger piece of butchers paper or similar. You’ll need to be able to put it up on a wall in order to cut and thrust towards it. Not to worry: you won’t be hitting your wall. Students should know basic cuts and parries with a sword.
*Note: Students will need the following: 1. A simple sword such as a small sword or basic theatrical sabre. You may also use a ruler, stick or long kitchen spoon – something light.  2. A bouncy ball.  3. A table or other hard surface on which to bounce said ball. 4. Please view the attached file and plan to recreate in some way a similar diagram on your wall. (Masking tape, painter’s tape, string and scotch tape, or otherwise affixed enlarged printouts of the target indicators). Any facsimile for indicating approximate head, arm and leg targets on a human sized scale will do.

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