Tools of the Trade w/ Josh Coslar and Margot Gardow


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Join Josh Coslar and Margot Garden of False Edge Armory for a live in-shop deep dive into theatrical weapons design, production, maintenance and troubleshooting.

“Something’s loose and I don’t know what!” “This sounds different than it did yesterday!” “Is this normal?” “This just feels….weird.” “Can you make aluminum shiny?” “How the heck do I manage this many weapons?” “Ow! My sword bit me!”

These are the banes of armory captains’ and fight choreographers’ existences, and they are preventable. This class will begin with the basics of theatrical weapon design and production, and includes a tour of a working shop. Students will be made familiar with materials,common production methods, and different methods of assembly. Then, common problems- including but not limited to loose pommels, rattling handles, splitting or splintering wood, loose axe heads, and rust and surface finish- will be addressed before a question and answer session where students can discuss general armory issues or specific problems and have them addressed by two specialists in the field.