Plasma Saber 1

Fictional Combat Analysis - Introductory Plasma Blade

September 22
1-3 PM
DUMBO, Brooklyn

-All Levels Welcome

-Limited to 10 Students

-Extrapolating Fightaturgical Logic of Common Lightsaber Tropes: Flourishes; Flow; Saber Locks; Moulinets; Spins; Twirls; Basic Choreo

-$85 ($70 if enrolled in most recent or upcoming SPT course)

Finessing Fundamentals - Footwork & Falls

September 28
1-4 PM
DUMBO, Brooklyn

-Intermediate/Advanced Class

-New Approaches to Footwork & Drills

-Using Ukemi Basics to Teach Absorbing & Dispersing Energy

-Breakfall Basics

-$50 ($40 if enrolled in most recent or upcoming SPT course)

Fictional Combat Analysis - Continuing Studies in Plasma Blades

September 29
1-4 PM
DUMBO, Brooklyn

-Swordplay Prerequisite

-Limited to 10 Students

-Fightaturical Analysis of Lightsaber Tactics at Intermediate Level concluding in development of Student's own Choreography

-$95 ($80 if enrolled in most recent or upcoming SPT course)

All Specialty Classes this September are taught by SAFD CT Sean Michael Chin.

Born in Southern California, Sean has been living in Brooklyn since 2010. In addition to teaching, he is a fight director and fight performer with credits at the Public Theatre, Hartford Stage, The Metropolitan Opera, & New York Classical Theatre.

If you have any questions whatosever, please email


Neutral Chaos Classes & Visiting Artists

All our regularly scheduled classes meet once a week for a minimum of ten weeks. At course end, you'll have completed thirty hours of training in a weapon of your choosing, including performing choreography built to highlight your newfound skillset in the context of a scene. Visit the Classes page to learn more.

You can also check out our Visiting Artists page for more classes coming your way taught by our own of town artists and partners!

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Skills Proficiency Testing and Renewals

Upon completion of 30 hours of training, you are eligible to test with the Society of American Fight Directors for proficiency in that weapon. This is a great way to highlight your training on your resumé and to meet other members of the performance community at large as it means testing in front of a Fight Master within the organization.

For those of you familiar with the Skills Proficiency Test process, we also offer renewals throughout the year. If you are in need of a renewal, and it is not currently amongst the weapons being offered in a given session, please send us an email and let us see how soon we can help you out.


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